Community Guidelines

Updated January 7, 2022

Thank you for being part of our community. The following Community Guidelines apply to all content on Lab Advisor, including, but not limited to, reviews, ratings, company pages, products, services, and chat messages.

If you see content that violates any of these guidelines, please report it.

For Everyone

  • Be real. Your account must use your real identity. To ensure our reviews are authentic, reviewers are verified using their professional email address and asked to provide proof (e.g. an invoice, a purchase order) to validate that they had an experience with the company they’re reviewing. All reviews pass our moderation process before being published.
  • Be unbiased. Don’t write reviews for your current employer, former employer, friend’s or relative’s employer, or competitors. We don’t allow companies to influence their ratings or placement in our database by spending money.
  • Be professional. Don't defame. Don’t publicize private information. Don’t submit spam, promotional material, or other unsolicited communications. Don’t lie, blackmail, or do anything illegal. Don’t use the Service to disparage your competitors, other users, or Lab Advisor. And don’t engage in threats, intimidation, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry.
  • Be relevant. Focus on the product or service, not the company’s employment practices, politics or other topics. Write about your firsthand experiences, not what you heard from a friend.

For Companies

  • Incentives: We don't allow companies to offer incentives (e.g. gift cards) for reviews.
  • Negative reviews: Please don't ask people to remove or change their reviews; try responding to them instead. Remember that the Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) protects people’s ability to share their honest opinions about a business’ products and services.
  • Asking for reviews: Companies can ask customers for reviews, but must ask in a neutral and unbiased way. For example, the following wording is not allowed because it's biased: "If you were happy with our services, please review us on Lab Advisor. If not, please contact our customer support". This wording is biased because it results in negative reviews being filtered out—happy customers will leave a positive review, but unhappy customers will contact the company's support instead of writing a negative review.
  • Promotional content: Please don’t post promotional material unless it’s in connection with a Lab Advisor advertising product. Buyers are searching for products and services, not ads. If your Company Page, or pages for your products/services, contain promotions or other special offers those will be removed.

Regarding Incentivized Reviews

We may occasionally offer incentives for honest reviews, in order to help us collect a more complete and accurate data set; these incentives are not dependent on whether the review is positive or negative. Additionally, we label reviews to indicate if the reviewer has received an incentive, consistent with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guidelines. Lastly, we don't allow companies to offer incentives (e.g. gift cards) for reviews, as mentioned in our Community Guidelines above, to further promote transparency and objectivity.

You are eligible to write an incentivized review only if:
  • You are invited by Lab Advisor to write an incentivized review;
  • You are among the first five people to review the product/service;
  • Your review is approved by a Lab Advisor moderator;
  • Your review is written in English, is at least 700 characters, and has completed all required and optional fields;
  • Your review is unique; any reviews that are copied or published on other websites will not be accepted;
  • You provide documentation verifying you as a customer of the product/service you are reviewing (e.g. an invoice, screenshot, order confirmation, or similar document); and
  • You are legally allowed to receive payment from Lab Advisor for writing an incentivized review.
You may be prohibited from writing an incentivized review if:
  • You are a government or public sector employee;
  • Your company prohibits the acceptance of gifts in the context of business transactions; or
  • You are (or are acting on behalf of) an individual subject to, residing in countries or employed by organizations identified in the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control Sanctions list.
If you fall under one of the categories above, you may still be eligible to write a non-incentivized review.

Note: Undefined terms used here have the meanings described in the Terms of Service.


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